LOCATION: Buenaventura, Panamá
SIZE: 1,346.00 m²

The client longed for an integration with nature, and an openness and flow that would provide peace and quiet while secluded within the populated resort.

Internal gardens, arches and portals, give way to the magical and misterious “journey” that was designed to be savored on the way to the beach.

A true colonial oasis by the shore, provides the privacy and the seclusion desired while maintaining great openness and connection with the context.


Impeccable balance between classic architecture and some modern architectural lines, was the aim when designing this beach property that opens itself to nature and its context. A welcoming portal that relives a bygone era, followed by an arch of one and a half height, uncover the view of the sea upon arrival to the porte cochère. The play on subtle levels, together with the transparency of its internal hallways, allows infinite views and a mesmerizing sense of discovery. The numerous internal courtyards and the presence of water as main elements, make it a true oasis secluded in the tropics.